Tile Collections

Wall Tiles

While most tiles are suitable for wall applications our showroom has multiple ceramic tiles that are designed specifically for wall applications. These tiles are hand crafted and designed to be thinner and lighter than floor tile counterparts to ensure not to put your walls under added stress from supporting the unnecessary excess weight.

Visit our showroom today to see our extensive range of wall tiles and find something suitable for your project.

Basic Ceramic

A collection of ceramic tiles ranging in sizes, colours and finishes that are suitable for wall use only.


The sum of the longing for old chipped walls along with the innovative idea of using cement in decoration, Llaneli is seriousness and nostalgia, simplicity and style.


With a unique texture whose iconic design sparks off differing visual and tactile sensations, Click evokes basic geometric concepts.


With a delicate monochromatic scale which, through the correct balancing of tone, this collection creates a coherent and harmonious effect.