Tile Collections

Wall Tiles

While most tiles are suitable for wall applications our showroom has multiple ceramic tiles that are designed specifically for wall applications. These tiles are hand crafted and designed to be thinner and lighter than floor tile counterparts to ensure not to put your walls under added stress from supporting the unnecessary excess weight.

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Basic Ceramic

A collection of ceramic tiles ranging in sizes, colours and finishes that are suitable for wall use only


The sum of the longing for old chipped walls along with the innovative idea of using cement in decoration, Llaneli is seriousness and nostalgia, simplicity and style


With a unique texture whose iconic design sparks off differing visual and tactile sensations, Click evokes basic geometric concepts


With a delicate monochromatic scale which, through the correct balancing of tone, this collection creates a coherent and harmonious effect


With high shade variation and a slate appearance the Mallorca collection gives you the inspiration to create minimalist yet elegant spaces


The charm of “handmade” ceramic, Mélange is inspired by a material steeped in experience and history; a successful encounter between tradition and design evolves and reworks the theme of colour, revealing an unexpected contemporary personality


A recognition of the Asian ceramic legacy, Raku stands out for its detailed graphics that reproduce the rustic, handcraft effect of traditional Japanese ceramics


Reminiscent of traditional zellige or small polished stone designs to be found in North Africa, Souk is characterised by its bright colours and decorative detail


With retro spirit and contemporary charm, Vintage is a modern collection of subway style tiles with a unique irregular edge that gives a subtle nostalgic touch


Bucchero expresses enormous decorative potential based on the availability of a large number of high and low relief surface structures


With its sharp angles and soft edges Chevron gives designers the possibility of different combinations to create beautiful geometric shapes

Do Up

A compendium of heterogeneous interior design solutions that coordinate perfectly with the main porcelain floor tile collections

Magical 3

A collection of 3D relief decorative wall tiles available in hexagon and square allows for the design of a truly unique and tactile wall surface


The Murus series is a tribute to clay. A basic element of ceramics, clay is one of the oldest materials used by man. Ideal for any number of wall applications, the tonal variation of each piece focuses on the naturalness of the design.

Petti Bella

Available in a range of monochrome or pastel colours, this subway collection has a colour and finish to compliment and enrich any design


A highly individual series the chromatic potential in this collection is expressed in an extraordinary level of graphic diversity that's ideal to create functional and original surfaces


A contemporary pressed edge subway tile with a classic touch results in an enduring classic which is ideal for today's contemporary spaces