Tile Collections

Stone Effect

Our showroom has a large selection of luxury and affordable stone effect tiles. Stone effect tiles are perfect for both wall and floor tiles in any space. The beauty of stone effect tiles allows you to introduce different textures, shades and looks into your space while giving a natural feel..

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A fusion of Belgian Bluestone, cement and scratching, this collection uses these three natural and modern elements to create a surface which is simple, elegant and intriguing.


Inspired by the ancient “Etruscans”, Etro reminds us of the beautiful terracotta floors of the past and renders an end effect that is willingly timeworn.


Designed with the simplicity and ruggedness of natural granite in mind this series can be used to create warm and inviting yet practical outdoor spaces.


The appearance of naturally occurring stone and the subtle texture found in a rock finish combine perfectly to give a surface that is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also to the touch.


The charm of “handmade” ceramic, Mélange is inspired by a material steeped in experience and history; a successful encounter between tradition and design evolves and reworks the theme of colour, revealing an unexpected contemporary personality.


Inspired by the soft tones and variation of natural quartz, this collection has a base of neutral colours which compliment any design.