Tile Collections

Feature Tiles

Our showroom has a countless amount of mosaic tiles,decorative tiles and feature tiles. Decorative tiles are all over Pinterest and Instagram right now. Introducing decorative tiles helpsindividualise and add character to any space including your kitchen splash back, bathroom feature wall or alarge scale commercial space looking to make a statement!



Bucchero expresses enormous decorative potential based on the availability of a large number of high and low relief surface structures


with its sharp angles and soft edges Chevron gives designers the possibility of different combinations to create beautiful geometric shapes

Do Up

a compendium of heterogeneous interior design solutions that coordinate perfectly with the main porcelain floor tile collections

Magical 3

a collection of 3D relief decorative wall tiles available in hexagon and square allows for the design of a truly unique and tactile wall surface


a reimagining of hand worked cement, this collection recreates the effects of cement processing with contrasting shades and subtle decorative accent


reminiscent of traditional zellige or small polished stone designs to be found in North Africa, Souk is characterised by its bright colours and decorative detail


brilliant and chromatic, Boutique is a combination of the brightness, depth of colour and detail that is found in prestigious marble


the sum of the longing for old chipped walls along with the innovative idea of using cement in decoration, Llaneli is seriousness and nostalgia, simplicity and style


with a unique texture whose iconic design sparks off differing visual and tactile sensations, Click evokes basic geometric concepts


inspired by the ancient Etruscans, Etro reminds us of the beautiful terracotta floors of the past and renders an end effect that is willingly timeworn


Materia is a chromatic collection inspired by the texture of fabric that is highlighted by straight lines that create a subtle geometric pattern


A recognition of the Asian ceramic legacy, Raku stands out for its detailed graphics that reproduce the rustic, handcraft effect of traditional Japanese ceramics

Terre D'Orcia

inspired by the timeless tradition of Terre D'Orcia region, a land rich in history and culture, the many tone differences give a rustic look making Terre D'Orcia a refined collection


taking inspiration from the use of revived wood, Woodlines is an industrialized product, with a strong unique character that can be used to enrichen a the mood and style in any project


inspired by a design reminiscent of the old pavement of hydraulic cement, its patchwork designs and attractive tapestries are a subtle play on Art Deco


a rich and versatile interpretation of cement, the Context collection is inspired by the ancient tradition of surfaces treated with an amalgam of marble, stone, and terracotta fragments


with a delicate monochromatic scale which, through the correct balancing of tone, this collection creates a coherent and harmonious effect

Memory Mood

with a mediterranean inspiration, Memory Mood is a modern and elegant yet simple collection where classic and modern meet to bring great expressive character to living spaces


a highly individual series the chromatic potential in this collection is expressed in an extraordinary level of graphic diversity that's ideal to create functional and original surfaces


elegance, purity, harmony allow for contemporary style and classic balance from a selection of timeless marbles, with varying types of veining Trilogy restores the purity of marble in all its splendour