Tile Collections

Decorative & Feature Tiles

Our showroom has a countless amount of decorative tiles and feature tiles. Decorative tiles are all over Pinterest and Instagram right now. Introducing decorative tiles helps individualise and add character to any space including your kitchen splash back, bathroom feature wall or a large scale commercial space looking to make a statement!

Visit our showroom today to see our range of luxury and affordable decorative & feature tiles.


Bucchero expresses enormous decorative potential based on the availability of a large number of high and low relief surface structures.


Inspired by a design reminiscent of the old pavement of hydraulic cement, its patchwork designs and attractive tapestries are a subtle play on Art Deco.


Elegant geometric motifs in black and white, arranged in an alternating design, lend any setting timeless elegance.


A rich and versatile interpretation of cement, the Context collection is inspired by the ancient tradition of surfaces treated with an amalgam of marble, stone, and terracotta fragments.


Inspired by traditional encaustic cement tile, Gatsy has the look of a hand-made product with each piece highlighting the characteristics of cement through pattern and texture, while also being suitable for external use. This is part of the beauty and rustic character of the design.

Magical 3

A collection of 3D relief decorative wall tiles available in hexagon and square allows for the design of a truly unique and tactile wall surface.