Tile Collections

Concrete & Cement Effect

Our showroom has a huge selection of luxury and affordable concrete effect tiles. Concrete tiles are perfect for commercial spaces, modern or industrial style homes that are looking for a raw texture in the form of a tile. Concrete tiles work perfectly for open plan living flooring and fantastic as a floor to ceiling bathroom look.

Visit us in store to view our full range of luxury and affordable concrete effect tiles.


The sum of the longing for old chipped walls along with the innovative idea of using cement in decoration, Llaneli is seriousness and nostalgia, simplicity and style.


A rich and versatile interpretation of cement, the Context collection is inspired by the ancient tradition of surfaces treated with an amalgam of marble, stone, and terracotta fragments.


LAB325 features the many expressive forms of concrete, from minimalist smoothed concrete to concrete removed from formwork.

Memory Mood

With a Mediterranean inspiration, Memory Mood is a modern and elegant yet simple collection where classic and modern meet to bring great expressive character to living spaces.


Distinctive character in contemporary design, Opificio is a multifaceted and harmonious set of surfaces, marked by the traces of the passage of time and inspired by ancient concrete artefacts.


Trust is a faithful interpretation of worn concrete which replicates the authenticity of variation with a combination of subtle shades to create a sophisticated surface.