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Terrazzo Effect

Terrazzo effect tiles are some of the most popular stone effect tiles found around the world today. Terrazzo effect tiles are perfect for both wall and floor tiles in any space. The beauty of stone and terrazzo effect tiles allows you to introduce different textures, shades and looks into your space.

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a collection inspired by the Venetian terrazzo flooring used since ancient times in Greece. It then reached and became widespread in Italy, first of all thanks to the ancient Romans and then to the Venetian nobles.


With the inclusion of pebbles and great chromatic richness Finestone is a surface that tells the depth of nature, evoking a sense of transformation over time that is harmoniously expressed with precise detail and incredible realism. Finestone provides a modern and creative surface perfect for contemporary interior.


capturing the very beauty and essence of naturally occurring Ceppo di Gré, Marshmallow features a segmented rock characteristic that is particularly beautiful. Featuring the same large granite 'pebbles' and irregular aggregate that the natural stone is known for, Marshmallow inspires openness and wellbeing.


Pinch accurately evokes the details, colours and varied patterning that have made Venetian Seminato (or terrazzo) floors unique.