Tile Collections

Concrete & Cement Effect Tiles

Our showroom has a huge selection of luxury and affordable concrete effect tiles. Concrete tiles are perfect for commercial spaces, modern or industrial style homes that are looking for a raw texture in the form of a tile. Concrete tiles work perfectly for open plan living flooring and fantastic as a floor to ceiling bathroom look.

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Elegant geometric motifs in black and white, arranged in an alternating design, lend any setting timeless elegance.


Inspired by traditional encaustic cement tile, Gatsy has the look of a hand-made product with each piece highlighting the characteristics of cement through pattern and texture, while also being suitable for external use. This is part of the beauty and rustic character of the design.


The sum of the longing for old chipped walls along with the innovative idea of using cement in decoration, Llaneli is seriousness and nostalgia, simplicity and style.


With a design that is inspired by the subtle changes in the texture of the sandstone Mica is different from marble and granite. Small particles and layers can be seen on the tile surface, giving it a unique touch and natural texture. From light cream to medium grey, the colour is the best choice for any natural decorative theme, and it has an elegant appearance and a sturdy temperament.